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Notebooks are one of the few items carried around to meetings and offer a great opportunity to carry your message and brand to the user. It is essential the notebook looks fantastic to complement your company or event. Done well and they become a key component of your marketing collateral.

Get a FREE Notebook sample to check the quality


We offer numerous branding techniques for you to make the notebook unique. Press the arrow to see some of the many options available.

Branding Options

We offer a huge choice of branding options that can differentiate your notebook so it looks prestigious and makes a gift worth receiving. When combined, they make your book unique and reinforces your brand image.

Colour pages

So many notebooks are lifeless and simply have a logo on the cover and nothing else. We think this is a wasted opportunity and for a small charge (as low as 10p per book) we can add full colour inside front and back cover and opposite fly pages! You can supply information about your company or event to what is in effect a captive market so the notebook can also become your sales tool.The books are highly personalised so that they convey information on your company’s products, services or event to maximise value for money and look good. Check these photos of our bespoke books.

Bespoke Notebook Examples

Widest Choice of PU Colors

We offer the widest choice of high grade, Thermo PU colours in the UK. Our PU is thick and gives a deep definition to an embossed logo and prints well.

Cover Branding

We can blind emboss your logo or the entire cover or print a full colour image or pantone match the colour using our high quality Heidelberg printers. We can insert moulded metal shapes or diamante studs, use branded metal closures, add contrast stitching around the edge or sew different cover fabrics together all with the aim of making the book look different. We offer a host of different print techniques to brand the cover – please ask for details.

Elastic Closure & Bookmark Ribbons

There are over 300 bookmark ribbon colours to choose from and we can get close to most pantone colours for the elastic. We can even pantone match the elastic and ribbon dyed to your company colours if required


We manufacture in a Forestry commission (FSC) approved factory and our prices are very competitive. Even if we air freight for delivery in just over a month we are less expensive than the European manufacturers. We offer fantastic value for money and premium quality

The widest range of cover materials & colours in the UK

Our cover materials are premium quality and make sure your notebook look and feels different. We can get close to your company colours or even pantone- match. The textured and fabric covers are very tactile and can look sophisticated. Check the tab in the top of the page to see the full range which includes Thermo PU – Smooth and Textured, Hi Viz, Metallic, Marble. Paper Leather, Paper over board, Book Cloth Cotton, Linen, Coarse Linen, Silk & Felt,

Paper Weight and Colours

We offer FSC & non FSC paper in 70, 80 & 100 gsm paper in white , cream or Ivory and the price included a 1 colour print on the inside front and back cover an opposite fly pages, The pager are printed to order so can be lined, gridded, dotted or plain ( or a combination and can include your logo or web site al included in the price. We can even perforate the pages so they can be torn out without spoiling the notebook.

what our client say

“We’ve worked with Deckard for a number of years to supply the sponsored notepads for our events. The quality of the notepads is second to none, and they work with some very intricate designs for us. I’ve never been disappointed with the products, and neither have our sponsors.”

Andy Ventris Marketing Manager Reed Expo - International Luxury Travel Market

“We’ve found the notebooks we ordered have been great as giveaways to customers and prospects, they are high quality and feel it – they are always sought after and people visibly makes use of them.  Recommended.”

Piers Wilson Huntsman Security

“From my first telephone conversation with Deckard I knew I was in a safe pair of hands. It was clear that they knew the market well and understood the value of a correctly targeted promotional item.

We designed two notebooks together, one aimed at managerial level and one for design & engineering level. When I came up with ideas that Deckard hadn’t done before, I never heard the answer “we can’t do that”. They worked with their suppliers to see if it could be done and now some of those things are unique offerings from Deckard.  We have since worked together on many projects and they have always given great advise not only on selection and styling but also where a certain manufacturing technique may not result in the quality we were aiming for.

I have unreservedly recommended Deckard to many people and will continue to do so.” 

Ian Manning Marketing Manager -Turck Banner Ltd

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From the blog

  • Trying to Source Bespoke Notebooks?

    Are you interested in receiving bespoke notebooks? Then you are in luck as we here at Deckard offer a wide selection of services that allow you to obtain incredible notebooks that are completely designed to your liking. We offer customised products for both personal and business purposes, all at the most competitive rates which are unrivaled in the current market, so you can trust that we are the ones you need for a professional and personalised service. Why not reach out to us and see how we can help?

    What are the Benefits of Bespoke Notebooks?

    To date, notebooks are an extremely popular product that is used by the masses. They offer a safe space to write down important information including personal thoughts, contacts, business ideas and more. For businesses especially, bespoke notebooks can provide a subtle, yet effective marketing tool that promotes your brand in a professional manner. We have developed this particular product with the latest embossing and printing equipment as well as a dedicated work ethic which has allowed us to create a wide variety of professional bespoke notebooks in the country. The possibilities are endless with our skilled team as we will happily take on your specific ideas and design a unique product that offers purposeful advertising for your business.

    How can Deckard Help you?

    Before we get started on your bespoke notebooks, we will firstly provide you with an initial consultation with our design team in which you can discuss your requests and preferences in terms of style, colour and sizes. We can then create a plan of action that is tailored according to your specifications and your notebooks can then be completed within a matter of days. When it comes to creating bespoke notebooks, we ensure that our customers have full control over their designs which is why we provide a selection of cover materials available in PU and non-PU styles along with a choice of paper options from dotted grids, project plans and more, all of which can be sure to suit your particular style preferences. We also have various branding options and closure selections available, giving you the opportunity to own your desired notebooks that match your personality or brand image perfectly. 

    Why should you choose Deckard?

    As a leading supplier of bespoke notebooks, we take great pride in being able to offer branding techniques and personalisation of products that can offer a distinctive style to you or your business. Using only the most modern technology and equipment, we can be sure to deliver a five-star worthy service with notebooks that are completed to the highest standards possible. We also pride ourselves in being a highly eco-friendly company that uses acid-free paper and manufactures our materials in a FSC approved factory, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are in reliable and environmentally conscious hands that will always strive for excellence in each product that is requested. Need more reassurance? Then just take a look at our testimonials, here you can see all of the impressive feedback that we have received from previous customers who have been more than satisfied with our bespoke notebooks.

    So if you are looking for a company that can provide you with professionally designed bespoke notebooks, feel free to call us on 0208 995 5000 and we will be more than happy to help with anything you may need. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email and our customer service specialists will be in touch shortly to answer your questions and provide you with any further information that you require.

  • Quality Bespoke Notepads

    Trying to find bespoke notepads? Welcome to Deckard, a UK-based company that provides customised stationery products at affordable prices. We specialise in professional and personalised services that allow individuals and businesses to display their brands and promote their business through bespoke notebooks. No matter how big or small your demands may be, you can guarantee that we will be on hand to deliver every detail to perfection, so you can trust us for a unique and bespoke service.

    An Introduction to Deckard

    Here at Deckard, we understand that every individual and business is unique and when it comes to stationery, notepads are one of the most utilised products throughout the globe as it offers space in which you can write down specific notes whether they be personal or business related. Notebooks are essential for everyone to own because you never know when you will want to need to write something down straight away. By having your own bespoke notepads will be a great way to promote your individuality in the best way possible. For businesses especially, customised stationery is perfect for subtle, yet effective, marketing as it can promote to your potential clients and business partners that you are an establishment that cares about their appearance and displays fantastic organisational skills.

    How do you Order Bespoke Notepads?

    When you decide to purchase bespoke notepads with Deckard, we will aim to work closely with all clients to ensure that we are providing you with a service that meets your expectations. Through an initial consultation, we will discuss your desired colours, sizes, closures and styles all of which will be tailored according to your specifications. This will give us a better understanding of what exactly your preferences areand from here we can then get started on your design plans so that you can receive your bespoke notepads in a matter of days. We have a wide selection of options for you to personalise including cover styles either in PU or non-PU all of which can be embossed, printed and branded with your particular stylistic preferences. 

    In addition to this, you will also be able to decide on the type of closures you want as well as page styles from simple lined paper, project planning board and so much more. The possibilities are endless. 

    Want to Work with Deckard?

    All of our staff here at Deckard including designers, manufacturers and specialists, each have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry and use only the latest equipment and techniques in order to ensure that all of our bespoke notepads are created to the highest standards possible. We also use acid-free paper and manufacture our materials in a FSC approved factory to remain environmentally friendly at all times, giving you assurance we are a reliable and eco-conscious company worth investing in. Need more reassurance? Then just take a look at our testimonials, here you can see all of the impressive feedback that we have received from previous customers who have been more than satisfied with our bespoke notepads.

    So if you are interested in purchasing bespoke notepads, feel free to call us on 0208 995 5000 and we will be more than happy to help with anything you may need. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email and our customer service specialists will be in touch shortly to answer your questions and provide you with any further information that you require.

  • Trying to Source a Biodegradable Notebook?

    Do you believe that you have a duty to try and safeguard the environment, so that the world is able to try and recover from the damage that it has undergone in recent centuries? Would you like to acquire a biodegradable notebook which is not only eco-friendly, but also stylish? Should you find yourself relating to either of the prior scenarios, you will be thrilled to hear that Deckard is here to help. When it comes to the manufacturing and subsequent supplying of notepads that can be easily customised, no one can match our prowess. Understandably, before placing an order you may have some questions – if this is the case, feel free to use any of the contact methods on our website to get in touch.

    Why Buy Biodegradable?

    There are very few products that you can purchase in this day-and-age which will last forever; for whatever reason, the time will eventually come whereby you will be forced to throw the aforementioned object away. When this time comes, it is important to ensure that it can be recycled, and subsequently be used to create something new. When you come to Deckard, you will have the opportunity to purchase biodegradable notebooks which are made up of materials which have been reprocessed. This is what allows us to stand apart from our competitors.

    Breaking Down our Products

    For those of you that come to the conclusion that you would like Deckard to be your supplier of biodegradable notebooks, allow us to explain a little more about what our services include. We recognise that each customer that comes to us will have differing needs; it is for this reason that we endeavour to be diverse in what we offer. For example, some people believe that simplicity is what is most important – for these individuals, we give the chance to pick from a range of base colours for their covers, and this will be all. Should you be wanting a product which is more elaborate, the Sarah Horne Botanical may be more suitable; this will come equipped with, amongst other things, inner-page prints. If you wish to find out more, our entire catalogue of products can be found on our homepage.

    What do Past Clients Say?

    In the twenty-first century, being classified as a successful company does not solely stem from the provision of first-class products; case-and-point, here at Deckard we have sought to establish our reputation on more than just our range of biodegradable notebooks. We believe that it is important to forge a strong relationship with our customers – it is for this reason that we strive to adhere to the high-standards that we have set ourselves over the years. Should you be harbouring any lingering worries about our ability to fulfil your requirements, we ask that you spend the necessary time to pour over some of the many testimonials which are published on our website. We believe that these reviews will give you an insight into the way in which we operate, and act as an excellent showcase in regards to our capabilities. 

  • Searching for a First-Class Notebook Supplier

    Should you have spent countless hours trying to source a top-tier notebook supplier that has a wealth of experience within this field, and can boast having supplied countless products over the years, you will be delighted to hear that your long-awaited search for a solution has come to an end. When you come to us here at Deckard, you will be amazed at the number of customisable features that you will have the chance to choose from. The materials that we have access to are not only premium in quality, but competitive in price. Why not use any of the contact methods detailed on our website to reach out to us today, and find out more about how we can assist you?

    Notebooks, Essential to the Corporate World

    If you were to conduct a survey, amongst office-goers, in regards to the most important piece of equipment which they use on a near-daily basis, the chances are that the results would come back in overwhelming favour of the notepad. Much of this is due to the versatility of this product; depending on your needs at the time, it can be utilised in a variety of different ways. Should you be trying to prepare for an important meeting, for example, you may jot down a number of short-hand notes to fall back on. Conversely, some individuals prepare to use their notebook in lieu of a traditional diary. Regardless of your motives for trying to locate a professional notebook supplier, Deckard will be more than able to handle it.

    How can we be of Assistance?

    Though it may be news to you, here at Deckard, one of the primary reasons as to why we are the most sought-after notebook suppliers in the country, is due to the sheer vastness of our collection of products. Ever since our foundation, we have looked to grow and expand as a business. In order for this to become a reality, it was necessary to continually add more units to our catalogue. This means that no matter if you are someone that appreciates the classic design of the Clarkson, or wish to acquire the more elaborate Sarah Horne Botanical, you will not be left disappointed.

    Our Glowing Reputation

    When you are trying to find a notebook supplier which is best-equipped to fulfil your needs, it is important to be thorough in your background checks. Although you may not realise it, the team here at Deckard are highly-experienced in the art of manufacturing, and selling, notebooks which are first-class. During the years that we have been operating, we have finessed our operations, so that we can better serve our customers. If, for any reason, you are unsure as to whether we are the company for you, we implore you to read through any one of the testimonials which can be found on our website. These reviews will hopefully demonstrate to you that we are a firm which can leave you, as a customer, smiling-and-satisfied. 

  • Corporate Printed Notebooks

    If you are someone that is trying to find a corporate printed notebook which they can use on a daily basis at work, the first name that should come to mind is that of Deckard. We, for those of you that did not already know, are a company that recognises the need for high-quality notepads within the workplace. It is, after all, a product which is used for comprehensive note taking during meetings, as well as a fantastic way in which to organise your priorities. Due to the various models which are available for purchase, we understand that you may have some questions prior to completing your order. In order to speak to one of our representatives, you simply need to visit our website’s contact page, and follow the instructions provided.

    The Uses of Notebooks

    Anyone that has spent a prolonged period of time operating within the world of business will recognise the importance that is placed on having access to a notepad at all times of the day. When you attend a meeting, this will be a fantastic place in which to jot the ideas which are thrown around the room, so that you can easily refer back to them at a later date. There are some individuals that utilise these pieces of equipment as a planner, so that they can keep a tight schedule. Whatever the reasoning behind your need for a corporate printed notebook, one thing is for certain – the team here at Deckard will not let you down.

    A Look at Our Catalogue of Corporate Printed Notebooks

    What truly allows Deckard to stand apart from its competitors in this industry is the range of products that we are able to supply you. Whilst many of them fall under the umbrella-category of ‘corporate printed notebooks’, the fact of the matter is that there are various models from which you are able to choose from. The Turck Banner, for example, includes not only printed images on both of the fly-pages, but you will also be able to have a textured cover. Alternatively, were you to opt for the Clarkson, you can enjoy a more professional aesthetic. To view the full collection that we have in stock, please check out our website’s homepage.

    Still Not Convinced?

    Should you not have purchased a product from Deckard in the past, we recognise that you may not be convinced of our credentials within this field. As you can see from the information above, we can match any retailer in the manufacturing and provision of corporate printed notebooks. However, you may be unsure of the quality of our products – in order to instil confidence in prospective clients, we advocate that you set aside the time to peruse through the dedicated testimonials page on our website. Whilst here, you will have the opportunity to gain a keen insight into the way in which we are perceived by past clients. These reviews should be enough to convince you that we are the company for you.

  • Purchase an Eco-Friendly Notebook

    Are you someone that is, wherever possible, trying to reduce your carbon footprint, and believe that it is important to purchase products which are biodegradable? Have you been trying to find an eco-friendly notebook to issue your employees, but have so far been unsuccessful? To those of you that responded in a positive fashion, allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Deckard. If you did not already know, we are one of the leading names within the manufacturing of top-tier notepads. If you are curious as to how we can be of assistance, or would like to inquire about the prices of any of our products, we ask that you reach out using the methods detailed on our website’s contact page.

    Importance of the Environment

    Since the turn of the century, people have begun to take more notice on the way in which they have a direct impact on the environment. Larger corporations have begun to opt for greener-practices, such as the promotion of recycling, in order to limit the quantity of waste that they produce. However, as an individual, you also have the opportunity to make a difference. Were you to buy an eco-friendly notebook from Deckard, you will be contributing to the positive changes that are happening.

    How can we Help?

    Should you come to the conclusion that you would like to purchase an eco-friendly notebook from us here at Deckard, it is important that you have a solid understanding of the types of products that we have in stock. We can cater to various different companies’ needs, hence why our reputation is glowing within this industry. For example, if you are looking to hand these out to prospective investors, we will be happy to print your branding on the front cover. Alternatively, if you would like to include an informative insert within the product, a full-colour flu page could be just what you are looking for. If you go to our website’s homepage, you will be able to view a more comprehensive breakdown of what we have to offer.

    What are our Credentials?

    When you purchase an eco-friendly notebook, you want to be sure that the quality will live up to your expectations, so that you can enjoy a product that will be able to serve you for a prolonged period of time. Not only this, but should you opt for a unit which has been branded with your corporate logo, it is important that the finished article is of a sufficient standard to act as a positive marketing tool. Here at Deckard, we believe that the years of experience which we have amassed put us in a prime position to assist our customers. However, we understand that if you are a first-time client, you may have some doubts. Thankfully, there is an easy way in which to take care of this – you simply need to check out our website’s testimonials page. The reviews here will demonstrate to you our reputation within this field. 

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