What makes a bespoke notebook?

A bespoke notebook is made to your specification so that it is unique to you and your brand. Notebooks are one of the few items carried around by your staff or customers, so it is essential they look the part, carry your message and complement your company or event. Done well, they are a valued gift. Done badly they are sheets of paper

Consider the following options:

Huge range of cover materials and textures

We offer the widest choice of cover materials and colours in the UK. This makes the notebook look and feel different and gets close to your company colours and sets it apart from the myriad of me-too products available. We use the best quality materials and our branding is the highest standard so the book is a prestigious gift and looks impressive..

Paper weight and colour

We offer FSC and Non FSC 70, 80 & 100 gsm paper in white, ivory and cream colours and the price includes a 1 colour print so you can have lined, gridded or dotted pages (or a combination) which can include your logo or web address on the page. We also print 1 colour on the front and back fly pages - all included in the price.

Cover branding

We can emboss your logo or the entire cover or print a full colour image or pantone colour match the cover. We can insert moulded metal shapes, branded metal closures, diamante studs, contrast stitching around the edge or sew different materials together all with the aim of making the book look different and to stand out.

Choice of elastic closure colour and elastic

There is a huge range to choose from or we can Pantone colour match the elastic and ribbon.

Colour pages

For a small charge we can add full colour pages, so you can supply information or advertise your products and services to the user

We also offer a host of other low-cost branding options including contrast colour stitching around the cover edge, perforated sheets, coloured paper edging or your logo printed on the paper edge, metal edge to the note book, engraved metal badge on the cover or book mark ribbon, branded bookmark elastic etc .

In the pages below, we show the many different cover materials and colours. Check the branding and paper options at the top of this page to see the wide choice of branding techniques and the newly introduced bespoke PU wallets, credit card holders and diaries

We offer 3 delivery options: 35, 45 & 65 days delivery by air, train or sea.

Our MOQ is 500 notebooks.


Our quality is the same or better than the European manufacturers but we include many branding features in the price which others charge extra for or they cannot do on an off the shelf note book. We offer the best value for money notebooks in the UK, even if we air freight for delivery within 35 days our prices are still competitive.